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Yesasia Worldwide

Yesasia Worldwide

YesAsia.com, for all your Asian Entertainment. Free international shipping!

YesAsia.com is the leading online Asian Entertainment retailer. We carry a large selection of music, movies, games, toys, and electronics from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and China, as well as DVDs and Games from the US. We also sell games and game consoles such as PSP, and Nintendo DS Lite imported for Japan and the US. We ship free, worldwide, on all orders over USD 25. All orders are tracked worldwide!

- DVD, CD, Toys, Books, Comics, Toys and Jewellery: 10%
- Games and Electronics: 7%
- PSP and Nintendo DS consoles: 5%
- PS3, PS2, Wii and Xbox consoles: 2%
- 30 day cookie

Keyword policy:
- We actively encourage our affiliates to use PPC search engines.
- You can link directly to our site
- Please do not bid on yesasia, yes-asia or yesasia.com on Google Adwords, except in combination with other words (e.g. "yesasia review", "yesasia discounts", "yesasia deals" are allowed)

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